Projects Experience

GEMMS has practical experience in all levels of Venue and Transport operational planning, both for Mega Events (extraordinary urban circumstance) and Day to Day Urban Improvement initiatives (ordinary urban circumstance).

Mega Events Organization

GEMMS actively participated in the realization of many Mega Events:

  • Organizational Structure Design and Follow-Up
    • London 2012 Olympic Games
    • Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games
  • Transport Planning, Execution and Delivery
    • Athens 2004 Olympic Games
    • Athens 2011 Special Olympics
    • Baku 2015 European Games
  • Venue Operational Planning
    • Athens 2004 Olympic Games
    • Doha 2006 Asian Games
    • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
  • Progress Monitoring (IOC commissioned)
    • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
    • London 2012 Olympic Games
    • Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
  • Operational Readiness Assessment
    • Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games
  • Monitoring Planning and Secondment
    • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
    • Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games
  • Mega Event Bidding Assistance
    • Paris 2012
    • Rio de Janeiro 2016
    • Annecy 2018
    • Tokyo 2020
  • Coordination Commission Member
    • Minsk 2019 European Games

Urban Transport Planning and Operations

In addition to Mega Event planning and execution (extraordinary circumstances), GEMMS has practical experience in realizing non-event urban transportation change (ordinary circumstances).

In particular, GEMMS has partnered with two governmental entities in Azerbaijan to affect lasting and sustainable change in the Baku urban transport network:

Baku Transport Agency (BNA)

GEMMS was appointed as a Senior Executive Advisor to BNA with a mandate to help restructure the entire urban transport system of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. This includes:

  • Marked upgrade of the public transport system, focusing on intermodality, integration and sustainability
  • Improvement of general traffic conditions
  • Enhancement of road safety to reach international standards
  • Optimization of pedestrian safety and mobility environment
  • Introduction of bicycle route network
  • Signalization and other improvements in transport infrastructure.

All of the above will create a lasting social, environmental and economic legacy.

A unique aspect of our approach is the absolute commitment to actual, complete ’on the field’ implementation. We focus on delivering integrated solutions, rather than mere recommendations and proposals. Upon completion of the ‘deskwork’ (research, analysis, solutions, documentation) we move directly to ‘fieldwork’.  We provide specialized support to our clients during the implementation by facilitating interactions between top management, government entities and diverse contractors, as appropriate. Leading live programs, GEMMS is always flexible to accommodate additional requirements, as they arise, in a constructive and creative spirit. It should be emphasized though, that such cases are addressed in the relevant strategic concept, never losing sight of delivering tangible and sustainable results. Finally, in numerous occasions, state-of-the-art and innovative approaches have been adopted emphasizing our role as a dynamic solution provider and value-adding partner.

Azerbaijan Railways (ADY)

The second government entity in Azerbaijan with which GEMMS has partnered is Azerbaijan Railways (ADY), in matters that affect the wider Baku metropolitan area. In its partnership with ADY, GEMMS has concentrated in 4 areas, 3 which echo generic world trends and 1 specific to Baku:

Suburban Rail

GEMMS works for the wholesale upgrade of the existing suburban railway network in Baku. This initiative has as a goal to wean commuters away from private automobiles and thus improve traffic and environmental conditions. Suburban Rail improves commuting speed, capacity and safety and is environmentally friendly (railway transport is responsible for only 2% of the total transport greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 73% coming from the road section (figures ERA).

Integration with Other Transport Services

To implement an integrated transportation system, the following aspects should be achieved:

  • Adequate transfer facilities
  • An integrated network and integrated schedules
  • Common ticketing and fare system, including through-ticketing
  • Combined information system, including call centers

GEMMS has been commissioned by Azerbaijan Railways to revitalize Suburban Rail, assist in the planning, and facilitate the integration of the Public Transport Network within the Baku Metropolitan area.  GEMMS developed a strategic plan and assisted in the creation of the appropriate organizational platform to support the Transport modes’ seamless interaction in order to deliver cost-effective, quality customer oriented services.

Transport Development and Urban Planning/Regeneration (around rail stations)

Major improvement of the urban area surrounding a Suburban Rail Station always triggers a land use transformation process and the development of commercial centers. Several Master Plans have been developed based on the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) principles. These Master Plans propose high quality urban design, architecture and landscaping, aiming to transform the wider station’s area into a new destination and become the catalyst for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.


Baku Central Railway Station Redevelopment

In the framework of urban revitalization of the Baku Suburban Rail program, GEMMS introduced, as an issue of high criticality, the development of a proper Central Station in the capital of Azerbaijan. The “28 May Square Master Plan” analyzes the current situation, clearly identifies the root causes of the problems and derives solutions, based on a holistic approach. It addresses all issues regarding public transport, traffic, pedestrian mobility, parking and supply chain and all possible uses, including travel, education, shopping and tourism.

The outcome is an urban regeneration scheme, which not only provides solutions to all existing problems but also redevelops the broader area, transforming it into a fully integrated transportation/commercial nexus of the highest international standards.

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