Transport Scope

Transport in urban areas, both General and Mega Event  is a multi-dimensional, wide-scale program.

GEMMS offers a full scope of content that leaves no gap for any management team. An indicative set of drop-down lists is illustrated below, where every parameter mentioned is based on proven, hands-on experience, both during Planning Phase as well as actual Operations.

Master Planning and Monitoring

  • Transport Infrastructure Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • Public Transport Analysis
  • Transport Facilities (Hubs - Terminals - Depots)
  • Planning Integration
  • Command and Control

Transport Organization across the entire cycle of a Mega Event

  • Client Transport Systems
    Athletes - Media - VIP - Technical Officials - Sponsors - Workforce
  • Car Fleet Operations
  • Bus Operations
  • Venue Transport Operations
  • Vehicle Access and Parking Permits Scheme
  • Transport Overlay
  • Accessibility Planning

Traffic Management

  • Road Network and Junctions
  • Demand Management Interventions
  • Parking Planning
  • Route Network and Dedicated Lanes for Events
  • City and Event-related Signage

Transport Modeling

  • Strategic
  • Global
  • Local
  • Demand-supply Analysis
  • Bus Scheduling and Rostering

Transport Communication

  • Strategic Communication
  • Demand Management
  • City Operations
  • Event-specific

Ceremonies Transport Arrangements (Baku 2015)

Training and Education

Successful transport services depend on fully trained, knowledgeable and confident human resources. GEMMS has developed holistic, detailed training programmes for each category and level of the operational staff, including Drivers, Ground Operators, Supervisors and Administration.

Games Driver Training Programme I (Baku 2015)

Olympic Lanes Operetations (Athens 2004)

Games Driver Training Programme II (Baku 2015)

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